Planning a trip to the United States soon and would like to know where you can smoke some legal recreational weed? If in Canada you’ve been so used to buying and smoking weed from a dispensary in Nova Scotia without a problem, the same cannot be said about the US. Here are some of the place where you won’t have difficulty for as long as you are over 21 years old:

Alaska. Legal recreational weed was given the green light here in 2015 in terms of usage, possession, and transport to a maximum of one ounce (which can fill up one whole sandwich bag).

California. Medical marijuana was legalized in 1996, and in 2016 your beloved stock from a dispensary in Nova Scotia can be legal for use and possession up for up to one ounce since 2016 in California. You can also buy marijuana concentrates/edibles (much like what you buy at a dispensary in Saskatoon) for a maximum of 8 grams as well as grow a maximum of six marijuana plants in one household. However, some cities like Bakersfield and Fresno have made moves to ban sales of legal recreational weed – so it’s not the whole of California that allows it.

Colorado. Legalization happened in 2012 and you can buy a maximum of one ounce of weed or up to eight grams of concentrates here. There are actually more dispensaries here than McDonalds and Starbucks combined!

Maine. Possession is up to 2.5 ounces of weed, but sales of legal recreational weed have been vetoed by the governor. A new framework is still in the discussion, so for the meantime you might want to content yourself with purchasing from a dispensary in Nova Scotia.

Massachusetts.  You can carry as well as use legal recreational weed up to a maximum of an ounce as well as grow a maximum of 12 plants in your home. However, sales are a bit hazy as lawmakers have postponed pot shop openings to July of this year.

Nevada. You can purchase up to an ounce of weed or an eight of this for concentrates or edibles, but you have to act fast as supplies are said to be running out fast and haven’t been replenished. Meanwhile, growing plants will require living 25 miles away from the closest dispensary to achieve eligibility for your own grower’s license.

Oregon. A maximum possession of one ounce and four plants grown at home is the state limit here since 2015. It is also legal to gift edibles (much like those sold at a dispensary in Nova Scotia), for as long as these are consumed privately.

Vermont. You can carry a maximum of one ounce of legal recreational weed and grow a maximum of 2 plants as the new law takes effect in July later this year.

Washington. Legal recreational weed became permitted in 2012, and people can carry a maximum of one ounce of marijuana. Growing it, however, will require a license and the intent to cultivate for medicinal purposes.

Washington, DC. Legalization of recreational weed came to be in 2014, with the bill taking effect the following year. Possession is a maximum of two ounces, and you can gift a maximum of one ounce provided that there is no exchange of services or goods.