The hair restoration/transplant is a part of cosmetic surgery procedure, which is linked with the patient’s overall natural look that is now in an increasing demand all over the world. The transplant is such cosmetic surgery procedure in which Surgeon uses the patient’s own body hair to fulfill the desired number of hair graft to cover the particular bald portion of the patient. The hair transplant procedure implies the transfer of hair roots/graft/follicle from their original site onto the needed site where the bald portion is visible in order to cover the areas with full of hair and gives the aesthetic outcomes of the procedure.

The hair transplant in Jaipur offers the best facilities, care and expertise that satisfy the patient’s will & expectations of having a head full of hair with a permanent and natural effect. The City, Jaipur is famous for their historical importance as well as a great medical destination for providing the quality hair transplant by the expert Surgeons & Doctor.

Why the Restoration of Hair is becoming the Trend for the Hair Loss Patient

The cosmetic surgery procedure is directly associated with making the aesthetic transformation of overall looks by correcting the drawbacks of the body or a facial profile. The hair restoration is one of the core concerns of the cosmetic procedure in which a Surgeon harvests the hair roots from the patient’s own body part, especially of the safe donor portion of the scalp in order to cover the balding zone with the vital  hair roots followed by the FUT or an FUE hair transplant procedure.

Around 50% of world population is affected by the hair loss/baldness problem, especially the men and they want to opt that option that must have a value back guarantee in terms of an aesthetic value of the results. The hair transplant procedure is a single option that offers the permanent long lasting hair roots as the hair roots are harvested from the safe donor area, the hair roots of this location possess the characteristics of DHT resistivity and never falls. It retains their characteristic of DHT-resistant even after the transplantation of hair roots to another location and thus used widely in the restoration application. The permanent zone of the scalp is usually from the back & the sides of the scalp and never fall out even the complete scalp got bald due to the effect of the Androgenic alopecia.

The Characteristics of Restored Hair in the view of a Permanent Result of the Procedure

The Hair Restoration gives the permanent Effect

The hair restoration procedure is taken as the boon of the cosmetic surgery industry that gives the longer lasting result in terms of the permanent hair roots if the hair roots are extracted from the safe donor area of the scalp.

Two scientifically proven techniques are there in the hair transplant industry that is actually the way of extraction, i.e., the FUT or an FUE hair transplant. The FUT technique of the restoration involves the strip excision only from the safe donor area followed by the Trichophytic closure provides the sustainable hair roots only, whereas the FUE technique involves the random punching by the punching machine compel a Surgeon to target the unsafe areas that are not sustainable as the DHT sensitive hair roots are also extracted due to the punching limitations that automatically reduce the donor area because each punching requires an aesthetic distance to the next.

A Hassle free Procedure that has a Speed up Recovery

The hair transplant procedure is one of the best and an easier procedure that is a painless and scar less if performed by the best hair transplant Surgeon. Dr Suneet Soni of Medispa hair transplant centre is known as the pioneer hair transplant Surgeon across the globe, who has given a number of aesthetic results performed on many numbers of national as well as international patients. The considerable thing that has an importance of the procedure is their speed up recovery. A patient just after a few hours of surgery can start their routine job and no maintenance or follow-up is required except the gentle head wash till two weeks just after a day of the restoration procedure.


On the whole, we can say that the hair restoration procedure is an easier option free from care & maintenance with a prompt recovery to get back the original hair aesthetically. It must be noted that the procedure should be taken from the expert hair transplant Surgeon to achieve the aesthetic outcomes with a fuller density to look naturally appealing.








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