The city of semarang indonesia is perhaps known for its status as Indonesia’s fifth largest city in terms of population number. With a status like this, it is hard to believe that the city is nowhere to be found in any lists of most recommended travel destinations in Indonesia. An image of a sleepy town is easy to come to your mind when you do your research further about it—it is often depicted as something that does not have a lot to offer. The city is almost too obscure to be regarded as a place to travel to on your holiday and pretty much everyone who has ever been in the city gets the same impression: it is a pointless endeavor to even consider going there in the first place. The city’s airport is nowhere comfortable and its roads are dusty at best.

But if only you could open up to whatever the city has up its sleeve, you might be surprised. Most of semarang indonesia points of interest are of cultural heritage and rich ethnic backgrounds. But it does not mean that the city lacks adventurous attractions and modern living. If anything, the aforementioned aspects exist concurrently with the city’s old-style atmosphere. However, as modern as Semarang can be, don’t be too quick to imagine tall and imposing skyscrapers just yet. There are indeed some tall buildings especially around the downtown but you need to scrap off the image of Jakarta or other urban cities in Asia from your mind. The city is one of those places in Indonesia that remain untouched by commercialization; as a result, prices of things and stuff in Semarang are local-friendly—which could be another thing that attracts you.

To give you an insight to semarang indonesia tourism, here are some of the reasons why you should come to the city:

  1. UmbulSidomukti

The most exciting activity at this spot is flying fox—but not the regular kind of flying fox. You get to zip across Bandungan Valley and if that description doesn’t really give you much to imagine, picture this: you are at a place that’s 2000 meters above sea level and right underneath the zip line is a humongous niche of a valley.

  1. Marine Bridge

UmbulSidomukti is a park situated atop Mount Ungaran and the flying fox is just one of the attractions to be found there. Try the Marine Bridge, too. The suspension bridge gives off an impression as if it’s easy to traverse. But the second you get on it, you realize that it takes a great deal of sense of balance to make it through. As a bonus, below the bridge is the same Bandungan Valley, so find out if this is the one attraction up your alley.

  1. Infinity pool

Alternatively, if the tingling sensation on the belly isn’t your cup of tea, you can instead take dip into UmbulSidomukti’s natural infinity pool and soak in the refreshing experience.

  1. LawangSewu

Javanese for “a thousand doors”, LawangSewu is infamous for being one of the most haunted places not only in Semarang, not only in Java Island, but also in Indonesia. The complex was once a railway office during Dutch occupation, which was converted into Japanese military post during the WWII.


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